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LCD MONITOR FAQ (applicable to LCD Monitors only)

  1. Why do I see horizontal & vertical disturbances or waving on the screen?
  2. Why is the display of my monitor blurred or unfocused?
  3. Monitor displays "Input Not Supported".
  4. How to do I obtain product service?
  5. How do I check if my VGA card supports wide screen resolution?
  6. How do I clean my LCD monitor?
  7. How do I change my refresh rate?
  8. Why doesn’t my monitor have plug and play function?
  9. Why is my power ON, but displays no video or picture?


  1. Why do I experience “Ghost” or double images?
  2. Why doesn’t my LCD TV turn on?
  3. Why doesn’t my LCD TV display anything?
  4. Why does my LCD TV only display picture but no sound?
  5. Why does my LCD TV display good sound but poor colour quality?
  6. Why does my LCD TV have poor picture quality?
  7. Why does my LCD TV show snowy picture and noise?
  8. Why does my LCD TV show horizontal dotted lines?
  9. Why isn’t my LCD TV responding to the remote control?
  10. How do I clean my LCD TV?
  11. How do I obtain product service?


  1. Why is there no driver for WINDOWS NT?
  2. I have replaced my old monitor but the old monitor driver still shows under Monitor Properties, how do I change it so that it will show the driver of my new monitor.


  1. For Windows 95
  2. For Windows 98
  3. For Windows ME
  4. For Windows 2000
  5. I'm trying to install the driver but the "Properties" of the monitor is disabled. (Applies only to Windows 2000)
  6. For Windows XP
  7. For Window Vista
  8. Do you have drivers for the Mac?

Other Questions

  1. What is plug and play and what does it do?

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